Spaces to start, rooms to grow. Spaces designed to help modern organizations spark collaboration, enhance a sense of belonging, and inspire creativity.

Date: May 2020
Services: Branding, UI/UX

01. The Process

The challenge for this personal project is to come up with a female-focused listing and booking site for meetings and events.
Design Strategy | Werkspace aims to transform the way women work through well-designed spaces that help modern organizations and female-led start-ups spark collaboration, enhance a sense of belonging, and inspire creativity.

02. The Target Audience

The inspiration behind Werkspace are modern women who are redefining the 9-5 by taking back their time and underlining their individuality.

03. The Design Party

BRAND IDENTITY | As a new brand, it’s only logical to go with a wordmark in order to drive recognition. Since the service revolves around renting space, we wanted to convey that through either a literal show of “space” or a play on negative space. We decided to go with the latter and added a small detail of a laptop to convey the “work” aspect, and a bold serif typeface was used in order to convey modernness but still with a touch of femininity.

USER INTERFACE DESIGN | The website was designed with the brand positioning and the new target market in mind. We decided to highlight agri-workers and SME owners on the landing page—to truly evoke that Bannawag has and is still the rural community’s partner. We mapped the rest of the site to be both informative (e.g. history, team, company efforts) and functional (e.g. mobile-responsive, built-in messenger, banking services, form)

03. The Outcome

USER-TESTING | We asked 3 people who fall under the target market to test out both the desktop and mobile prototypes. We specifically told them that the goal of the testing is for them to be able to navigate through the site and easily book a space. We asked them to list down the process that they went through, coursing through the app, including the things they struggled with and the things that they think the app lacked.
FINAL REVISIONS | Reading through the feedback that we got from the user testing, we applied all necessary changes and suggestions, making sure that we got everything down to a T.
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