Sugar High Bakery

Crafted Chunky Chewy Loaded Cookies!

Client: Sugar High Bakery
Date: March 2020
Services: Branding, Packaging Design

01. The Process

Design Strategy | Sugar High Bakery is a brand famous for its crafted chewy chunky loaded cookies that are as big as a baby’s head (no kidding), and the client wanted to increase the brand recognition by solidifying their brand identity and investing in on a beautifully-designed packaging. For this, we decided to paint a picture of their demographics to better understand how to tackle the project.

02. The Target Audience

People are always drawn to trying new things, especially ones that are either novel or at the extremes—and GIANT COOKIES are no exception! There’s no denying that Sugar High Bakery’s customer has a sweet tooth that’s larger than…life.

03. The Design Party

BRAND IDENTITY REFRESH | Their amazing cookies have definitely built up months of recognition into their brand, so we tried to take out what wasn’t working well with their previous logo (hint, it’s the cake) and refined certain elements for it to work on a broader scale of applications and sizes.

PACKAGING DESIGN | The client chose Tiffany Blue as their main brand color for personal reasons (it’s her favorite color!), so we had to find a way to work with it and design a packaging that would not only add a premium to their products but one that would also add value for gifting


04. The Aftermath

With their fresh branding and new packaging, Sugar High Bakery was able to take their business up a notch by streamlining their social media accounts and content, increasing likes and engagements, and boosting sales in spite of the economic environment