Mellow Fellow Mood Spray

Inspired by the mellow Hippie culture of the 60s, Mellow Fellow is a brand that’s all about peace, relaxation, and over-all good vibrations. A bottle of Mellow Fellow mood spray serves as a room deodorizer and also doubles as a mood setter through its star ingredient—essential oils.

Client: Mellow Fellow
Date: March 2017
Services: Branding, Packaging Design, Content Creation

01. The Process

To rebrand “Pristine Bliss” as Mellow Fellow, keeping in mind the intended target audience

Design Strategy | With essential oils and room sprays topping the trend charts, Pristine Bliss had to pivot and do a rebrand by creating their own niche and category, positioning itself no longer as a room spray but as a mood spray—the first of its kind.

02. The Target Audience

Through a series of brand exercises, brainstorming huddles, and strategy planning sessions, the team was able to understand what the Mellow Fellow brand is and who they are a champion for—the OG titas of Manila and the already-titas at heart.

03. The Design Party

BRAND IDENTITY DESIGN | Knowing the target audience, the team decided to position Mellow Fellow as a brand that’s all about peace, relaxation, and over-all good vibrations. We found inspiration from the mellow Hippie culture of the ‘60s which was adapted into Mellow Fellow’s brand identity, and eventually, into the overall creative direction of the project.
PACKAGING DESIGN | The team originally came up with 4 variants for the initial product line but decided to narrow it down to 3, namely—Lavender, Bergamot, and Lemongrass—after conducting a series of product and consumer research. We wanted to make sure that the branding was also extended in the names and copies of the variants, and more importantly, in the packaging design—making sure that every bottle is dressed up like a true Hippie from head to toe.
SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT | Since users of Mellow Fellow frequent online, the team decided to go all-out on social media in order to reach out and engage with them. With the creative direction in place, we designed all of Mellow Fellow’s social media content to be hippie, eye-catching and engaging.

04. The Aftermath

Within the first month of operations, Mellow Fellow had a whopping net profit of 1.2 Million Pesos ($25,000) with 63% coming from online sales. A strong social media presence also resulted in organic engagement, media attention, and guestings on local lifestyle sites and networks such as Preview Lifestyle and ANC’s ShopTalk.
The money earned from the first month was donated to the children’s cancer ward of the Philippine General Hospital.