Got Tea? Crafted MilkTea

“Got Tea? Crafted Milk Tea” is an innovative lifestyle boba tea shop that offers a huge variety of fresh beverages that is paired with our cooked-to-perfection brown sugar boba and paired with our quality loose leaf tea.

Client: Got Tea? Crafted Milk Tea
Date: August 2019
Services: Packaging Design, Illustration

01. The Process

To challenge of the project is to design eyecatching seals and cups for a new artisanal milk tea shop called, Got Tea? Crafted Milk Tea

Design Strategy |  Being the new brand on the block with an existing brand identity in place, we figured that the product packaging should be made to reflect the brand’s artisanal personality with Got Tea’s customer in mind.

02. The Target Audience

Milktea was all-the-rad in 2019 so Got Tea? had to position itself as an innovative milk tea shop boasting of unique flavors and handcrafted drinks that cater to an audience who are in search of the next best thing and whose thirst always comes first.

03. The Design Party

DESIGNING THE SEALS & CUP | Highlighting the brand’s positioning of crafted/artisanal milk teas, we wanted to extend that handcrafted feel from the illustrations down to the typography by using a Menso brush to write the tagline and digitizing it for refinements.

04. The Aftermath

Instagrammable milk tea cups that resulted in increased social media traction and engagement, and word-of-mouth translating into sales