Bannawag Bank

Community Partners since 1957

Client: Bannawag Bank, Inc.
Date: September 2019
Services: Branding, UI/UX

01. The Process

To help Bannawag, a rural bank, rebrand and establish an online presence in order to remain relevant and to keep up with the growing banking industry
Design Strategy | The Rural Banking Sector was created in the 1950s under a government policy to expand lending to agricultural and small-scale industries in rural areas. We discovered that one of the problems that the sector was facing is the lack of financial literacy among its market. We decided to address the problem by positioning Bannawag as the community’s partner and by establishing an online presence in order to inform and educate.

02. The Target Audience

At the core of Bannawag Bank are agri-workers and SME owners, but based on surveys and interviews conducted, we found out that majority of those who do daily transactions with the bank are not the intended market but rather, their children. Along with this insight is the fact that this growing audience are the ones who are more tech-savvy and financially learned, further pivoting the bank’s target audience.

03. The Design Party

BRAND IDENTITY REFRESH | Understanding the legacy that Bannawag holds as being one of the first 100 rural banks established in the country, and with its new positioning of being the community’s partner, we took certain elements of their old logo that still work and put a new spin to it. We kept their original brand colors and used them to represent pieces inherent to the brand. Gold representing “Bannawag,” the Ilocano term for dawn, and blue representing the community.

USER INTERFACE DESIGN | The website was designed with the brand positioning and the new target market in mind. We decided to highlight agri-workers and SME owners on the landing page—to truly evoke that Bannawag has and is still the rural community’s partner. We mapped the rest of the site to be both informative (e.g. history, team, company efforts) and functional (e.g. mobile-responsive, built-in messenger, banking services, form)

03. The Outcome

The new branding and website were unveiled during the end of Bannawag Bank’s 60th anniversary, marking a new era for the company. Through their newly-established online presence, Clients from the community, from out of town, and even those from overseas have found it a lot easier to reach out, inquire, and be informed about updates and announcements.
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