I’m Bella Brillantes, the brandtender behind Tipsy on Colors. For as long as I could remember, I have always had a penchant for visual design and basically, everything that my eyes could feast on.
With an AB degree in integrated marketing communications, I craft purposeful brands by marrying my love for visual design with my knowledge in communication strategy. Currently, I am a graphic designer for a female-led creative agency called, PixelHaus Media.
At sixteen, I found out that I had Synesthesia, a condition that causes a person to experience several senses at once. (So when someone tells you that they can hear colors and taste music, they ain’t lyin!) Tipsy on colors is a brand that pays homage to my creative roots with the hope of painting stories of people who eat shapes for breakfast and drink colors ’til dawn.
When I’m not getting tipsy on colors, you’d usually find me binge-watching on multiple Netflix and Prime series from bed, catching up on my sappy reads, or finding my way out of an Internet wormhole.

How I’ll turn your vision into the life of the party


Discovering what your brand is all about is the linchpin of creating a good brand identity. Pull me in for a deep dive into what makes your brand special. You will be asked to complete a discovery questionnaire and on my end, I will send over a proposal that includes an estimate, a timeline, and a list of deliverables for the project.


After completing the brand questionnaire, you will be asked to curate a mood board that captures your brand. On my part, I will craft a visual board that will establish the brand personality and creative direction of the project. After exploring, we will be whipping up pieces subject for your approval.


The project, from our initial dialogue up to its completion, will span 2-8 weeks depending on the intricacies and amount of deliverables needed. When changes are made and finalized, you will take full ownership of a full brand identity that would make you want to call for a celebration. Cheers o’clock!